What do children love Pufky for?

They never get bored

Wigwam, greengrocer, rocket or submarine? You can create anything your imagination can bring out of them. They develop curiosity and creative thinking. They constantly surprise and release a powerful dose of endorphins. Thanks to this, the monitors are put away, and the pouffes become the toy of the first choice!

They are perfect for fun and relaxation

Pufky are not too soft or too hard. The perfect balance allows you to create super stable structures, but also comfortable silence, relaxation or sleep. Tested many times by the most demanding kids!

They stimulate you to be active

Jumping, sliding, flip-flops, running, crawling, and rolling are the hallmarks of Pufky. How else to test new constructions or fancy obstacle courses? The pouffes support gross motor skills, stimulate the vestibular system and discharge the above-average energy of small users :)

They are safe and durable

We create Pufky in Poland, and as parents, we have particularly high requirements as to the quality of materials, production and safety of small users. Pufki positively passed the extremely intensive tests of a large group of little troublemakers and gained her full recommendation :)

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They have no boundaries

Also the old ones. Two-year-olds and twelve-year-olds love them. Is this an upper limit? Well ... when Pufky show up, often even those three times older can't resist. We have evidence!

  • The original and thoughtful shape of the pillows

    Before we created trapezoidal Pufky cushions, several prototypes were created. The unique and final shape guarantees a stable basis for the structure and expands the potential of possibilities.

  • Zipped elements

    Pufky zippers are safe and durable. They allow you to unfasten the two lower mattresses of the set, so that there are 4 modules with a base of 83x83. It comes in handy when we want to create seats for more children or jumping islands.

  • Stain-resistant, pleasant fabric

    Pufky mattresses and pillows are covered with a pleasant, soft to the touch, stain-resistant material. The innovative STAIN PROTECTION finish protects the fibers, so you can remove juice, ketchup, pen or even oil stains with a damp cloth.

  • Removable covers

    If you want to refresh Pufky, just unzip the covers and wash them at 30 °. You can easily reapply them later. Thanks to this, the pouffes can look like new even after many years!

  • Compact storage when you have no space

    Pufky can be stored in the form of a sofa with a base of 166x83 cm, but if you want a more compact size, you can easily fold the elements so that they take up only 83x83 cm on the floor. And the coolest thing, they'll still look great and invite you to play!

  • Durability for years

    High-quality, dense foams guarantee the stability of the structure, but also durability. Densely woven material with a high grammage, strong zippers and easy care make the pouffes last for many years!

Blue Lagoon or Sahara Sands?

Pufky sets are two-colored! The pillows differ in shade from the mattresses, creating an interesting combination. Choose between the Blue Lagoon and Sahara Sands.

Both sets will take you on an amazing adventure!

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