Frequently Asked Questions about PUFKY

PUFKY Play Sofa

What is PUFKY?

PUFKY is a modular playcouch designed for fun, but it can also be used as a sofa or armchair in the living room or children's room.

Each set consists of 6 elements - four connected squares and two pillows with a trapezoid base, which allow you to create countless constructions / creations.

What are the dimensions of PUFKY?

In the basic configuration, PUFKY is 83 cm (depth) x 166 cm
(width) when two squares are connected by a lock. The total height of the mattress created in this way is 25 cm, and the height to the top of the pillows
it's 55 cm. PUFKY, however, can also be configured to suit small rooms by placing each of the squares on top of each other, thus occupying an area of ​​83 cm x 83 cm.

What is PUFKY made of?

The "heart" of PUFKY is a high-quality, anti-allergic foam
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate (made without depleting agents
ozone layer, PBDE, TDCPP or TCEP ("Tris") reducing agents
mercury, lead and other heavy metals) with perfectly matched parameters of hardness and density,
ensuring durability and fun at the same time. The fabric from which the covers are made is pleasant to the touch, but at the same time resistant to tearing. The fabric has an innovative finish protection of fabric fibers - STAIN PROTECTION, thanks to which we can remove any dirt with a few simple steps, and most importantly, without affecting the structure of the material.

Where are PUFKY produced?

PUFKY is entirely produced in Poland, by Polish producers.
Thanks to this, we are sure about the high quality of our PUFKY because we can supervise the entire process of product creation.


How are Pufky packed?

PUFKY are packed in a cardboard box with dimensions of 90 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm - it's a cardboard box big enough to build another rocket or a racing car ;) PUFKY are compressed to fit into one package, which is why we recommend opening the package and unfolding PUFKY right after receiving the package. PUFKY needs about 48 hours to reach its proper size, but in some cases it may take a little longer, even up to 7 days (if it has been stored in the packaging longer).

What is the delivery time?

Usually about 8-14 days because each order is individually packed and prepared for shipment. However, we are trying to get PUFKY to you as soon as possible!

Is delivery free?

Yes! We guarantee completely free delivery in Poland.

We ship also Pufky from Poland to European countries by our store at Etsy

After opening the package, I have doubts whether everything is okay

We make every effort to ensure that each PUFKY set is perfect, but if you notice something that worries you, write to us at hello@pufky.pl , preferably attaching photos of what raised your doubts.

Complaints, returns, exchanges, warranties

When can I make a return?

We spent a lot of time on
refinement of PUFKY, but sometimes something can happen that we could not predict. If something is wrong with your PUFKY, take a picture and go with it
write to us at hello@pufky.com with a description of the observed defect.
We will write back how we can remedy the situation.

When can I make a return?

PUFKY offers so many possibilities that we believe that you will love your PUFKY the way we love to eat it. However, if for some reason you decide to part with it, you can send it back to us within 30 days from the date of receipt of the shipment. PUFKY is resistant to intense play, so we assume that it will be in the same condition as it arrived to you ;) Write to us at hello@pufky.com , we will determine how you can send it back to us, however, the shipping costs will be in this situation on your side.

What is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 12 months. PUFKY are made of solid and resistant materials and we assume long years of use.

I need help

write! hello@pufky.com . This will be
the fastest way to communicate with us